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Christian Education

Come join us each Sunday as we search God’s Word and discover our purpose in His Kingdom!

Berchards Jacobs is a co-director of the Christian Education Department.  He has been an educator for over 30 years. He taught music professionally for over 18 years. Berchards has been ministering through song from a young age. He is the father of 3 children and a loving husband. He loves to keep smiles on the faces of others. He loves the Lord, and his desire is to spread God's love to others.

Prudencia A. Jacobs, co-director of the Christian Education Department, has a passion for helping others increase their knowledge and meet their potential. She has been an educator for over 26 years.

Dr. Jacobs has recently published a book, A Journey to Faith, in hopes of sharing the faithfulness of God, even when going through challenging circumstances. She is married to Berchards Jacobs; together, they have three wonderful children

Mission: The Christian Education Department believes in the Bible as the inspired Word of God and is committed to impacting the lives of our church and community through the study of God’s word.

Vision: The Christian Education Department desires to increase Biblical literacy, where attendees demonstrate a clear understanding of and a desire to know more of the Word of God and apply its principles to their lives. 

Sunday School meets each Sunday from 9:30am – 10:30am.


Cherry Blossoms: 5 years old and younger

Conquerors: Ages 5 – 11

Champs: Ages 12 – 15

Untouchables: Ages 16 – 20

Truth Bearers: Ages 21 – 34

Adult Classes: 35 and up

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