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Couples                                           Ministry

Vision Statement : Kingdom-Fit Marriages
We envision a Kingdom-fit ministry filled with healthy marriages that positively influence the lives of all that come into contact with us.

Mission Statement: The mission of  “Love-n-Us” (Love and Us) Couples’ Ministry is to promote Christ -centered relationships, following the example of Christ in His relationship with the church. We support the concept of the threefold cord, symbolizing GOD as the center and the husband and wife connected to Him; with all becoming as one.


Corey and Aneika met in college in 2006, while Corey was finishing his last semester at Park University in Missouri.  Corey received a BA in Communications and Aneika received a BA in Business Management from Park University and later completed her MBA with concentration in Project Management in Maryland. They come from an athletic background and both sustained athletic scholarships while completing their undergraduate studies; Corey went on to play in the professional basketball minor league for a few years. 
They hail from Fairburn, Georgia although Corey is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and Aneika is from Trelawny, Jamaica. They believe in a healthy lifestyle spiritually, mentally and physically and love to go on nature walks. They love traveling and meeting people. Their hearts’ desire is to live a pleasing life to EL ELYON,

The Most High GOD! 

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