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Welcome to the Covington Drive COGOP

Women’s Ministry

Our Mission:

To bring women of all statuses and nationalities together to build God’s Kingdom.

Our Vision:

That all women be restored to total wholeness from their many experiences that have caused brokenness. For example, experiences that were emotional, physical, mental, psychological, financial, and/or spiritual.

Our Purpose:

To Empower, Engage, Empathize, Encourage, and Enlighten women through the vehicles and tools God uses in their lives

Our Objective:

  • To provoke women to Love.

  • To encourage women to stand on God’s Word while striving daily to experience the Power of Prayer in their lives.

  • To foster harmonious relationships by executing the power of God’s love to reach those who are hurting, broken, and downtrodden.

  • To live our lives so that every area demonstrates a kingdom-minded life that is consecrated to Jesus Christ; declaring that God is worthy of honor and praise as we become women of God, who are walking in divine purpose.

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